Trash Collection Update

Trash Collection Decision

City’s Curbside Solid Waste Collection Decision

Manual versus Automated collection

The City’s curbside collection contract with Casella, the current contractor, expires on September 30, 2022.  The City has issued three requests for bids for curbside solid waste collection services since 2021. 

The most recent bid has manual curbside collection costing the City’s taxpayers $1,126,000/year while automated collection is $855,000/year.  Thus, automated collection is $271,000 per year less than manual collection.  Implementing automated curbside collection will save the City over $2 million over the next 10 years even considering the cost of purchasing the trash and recycling containers for property owners 

During its August 8th meeting, City Council decided to convert to automated solid waste collection starting April 1, 2023. This gives the City time to plan the conversion with the contractor, and purchase and deliver the carts to property owners.  It also has the benefit of not converting the City during the winter.

The City will begin a public information campaign which will be updated once the cart allocation plan has been approved. This campaign will include:

•             Public information meetings

•             Ads and articles in the Laconia Daily Sun

•             Updates in the Laconia Links newsletter

•             “How to” presentations on You Tube and Channel 24

The campaign will include information on:

    Options for senior citizens to obtain smaller containers.

    Disposal procedures for existing containers that are not compatible with automated collection

    Use of the existing Laconia recycles containers

    Solid waste container limits for residences and businesses

    Procedures for excess trash containers

The cart allocation plan will be presented to City Council on September 12th and staff is asking for a decision at the Council’s September 26th meeting.

For More Information: 

See the slides used in the July 25, 2022 presentation made to City Council.

See the staff's report that was included in the July 25th City Council agenda.

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