Since we are getting new containers, what should we do with our old ones?

In late April, after the new containers have been delivered, you will have opportunity to put signs ("TAKE CAN AS TRASH") on your unwanted containers and they will be disposed of. However, the old containers belong to you, so you might want to repurpose them. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Use your unwanted trash container for storage. They work great to store garden tools: shovels, rakes, hoes, stakes, . . . . If it has a good lid, Trash containers work well to keep kindling dry too.
  • Give them to a friend who lives in a in a private development or in another town. Trash and recycling containers can be costly. You could easily save your friend $100 or more.
  • Make a rain barrel. See the You Tube video: "How to make a Rain Barrel out of a Garbage Can."
  • Make an outdoor composter. A couple different approaches to outdoor composting can be seen on You Tube: "DIY Trash Can Compost Bin" and "Are Trash Can Composters Worth it?"
  • Make a planter.
  • Flip it up-side-down to use as a portable table.

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6. Since we are getting new containers, what should we do with our old ones?
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