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Customer Service Survey

  2. The goal of the Laconia City Council and every department in the City is to provide friendly, efficient, courteous and knowledgeable assistance to the public. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our residents and visitors. If you have recently had contact with one of our City departments, please take a moment to fill out the survey below to let us know what we are doing right, or what may need improvement. Your feedback is encouraged and will help us to better serve you! In addition to our on-line survey, printed versions may be found in most of our public buildings and departments. If you have questions relating to the survey, please contact the City Manager's Office at 527-1270, or email We thank you in advance for your help!
  3. Where did you interact with City staff?*
  4. Was the person who served you knowledgeable? Please rate below:*
  5. Was the person who served you friendly, courteous and helpful? Please rate below:*
  6. Did staff take the time to listen to and understand your concerns? Please rate below:*
  7. Did you accomplish what you came for?*
  8. Did you leave with a clearer understanding?*
  9. If the person serving you was unable to address your concern or answer your questions, were you directed to the appropriate department?*
  10. If the employee did not have the answer to your question, did he/she offer to do some research and follow up with you in a reasonable period of time?*
  11. Please rate your experience overall:*
  12. Optional: If you would like us to follow up on your comments and concerns, please provide the following information (this information is not required to submit your survey, and will be kept confidential):
  13. Thank you for your help!
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