Taxi Licensing

Taxi Company

Any company that wants to pick up passengers in the city needs a Taxi Company license.

Taxi Company Application (PDF)


$100 Renewal month is February.

Additional Requirements

The application must be accompanied by:
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance listing the City of Laconia as an additional insured with a 10 day notification of cancellation (at the bottom of the certificate)
  • If it is a new company (not a renewal) letters of necessity must be provided:
    • One from an industrial business, one school, and one retail business in the city
    • Copies of registrations for the vehicles that are being use


Any motor vehicle, having a manufacturers rated capacity of not more than seven passengers, used in the call and demand transportation of passengers from within city limits of the city to a destination inside or outside of the city, for compensation to or from points chosen or designated by the passengers and not operated on a fixed schedule, or between fixed termini, this definition shall not include:
  • Motor vehicle subject to regulation by the Public Utilities Commission of the state
  • Sightseeing buses
  • Airport shuttles or limousines designed to carry eight persons or more from a fixed place to places of interest inside or outside the city
  • Motor vehicles collecting fares by tickets or coupons sold for interstate transportation
RSA 641:3 (PDF)

Taxi Driver

Anyone who wants to drive for a taxi company in the city needs a taxi driver permit. Taxi Driver forms include:


$25 Renewal month is February for everyone.

Additional Requirements

The application must be accompanied by:
  • Criminal Background Check from the State of New Hampshire
  • Driving Record from the New Hampshire DMV
RSA 641:3 (PDF)