City Vendor Spaces

City Spaces for Rent on Boardwalk

On Weirs Beach Boardwalk there are 18 to 10 feet by 12 feet spaces available to rent for $1,750 per space in this very high visibility area on Lakeside Avenue at Weirs Beach. As of this date, all Boardwalk spaces have been rented for the 2022 event.

US Route 3 - Weirs Boulevard Spaces

There are six 10 feet by 12 feet spaces (or one 12 feet by 75 feet space) located on Weirs Boulevard next to the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce booth. The 12 feet by 75 feet space can accommodate a tractor trailor size vehicle. Please note that this location will not see a great deal of foot traffic, although it is a high visibility location. No electricity or water available-must be self-contained. Rent is $2,000 for the 12 feet by 75 feet space, or $550 each for the 10 feet by 12 feet spaces.


Please contact Nancy Brown for availability or additional information regarding City vendor spaces.