City of Laconia Conservation Easements


Akwa Vista

The Akwa Vista Easement is 13 acres of forested area and extensive wetlands located within the development. Its deed can be viewed at the Belknap Registry of Deeds in Book 2021, Page 958.



The Bonum Easement is a small 2.5-acre conservation easement located off of Recreation Drive in Southdown. The land is entirely woodlands, and its deed is recorded in Book 1238, Page 662 at the Belknap Registry of Deeds. 

Screenshot Fuller


The Fuller Conservation Easement is a half-acre wetland property along Parade Road whose purpose is stated as “to be forever retained in its undeveloped, scenic, and open space condition and to prevent any use of the property that would significantly impair the wetland values on site”. The deed to this easement is located in Book 1328, Page 33 at the Belknap Registry of Deeds. 



The Charland Easement is 5 acres located off Roller Coaster Road. The property consists of dense wooded land and extensive wetlands, with a number of streams that eventually make their way to a larger wetland complex north of Hilliard Road. The Charland deed is located in Book 1131, Page 720 at the Belknap Registry of Deeds.



The Harrington Easement, off White Oaks Road, is the largest conservation easement the city possesses at 53 acres. This land is heavily wooded with numerous streams and wetlands across the property. The Easement’s deed is found at the Belknap Registry of Deeds in Book 2423, Page 422.


Taylor Community

The Taylor Community granted 10 acres of conservation easement land (MBL: 391-220-18) to the City of Laconia in the early 1990s. The conserved area is home to a variety of wildlife who benefit from the resources present – which includes a mixed-forested habitat with a ravine and at least one vernal pool present. The easement’s deed can be viewed at the Belknap Country Registry of Deeds in Book 1236, Page 609.



The Wilkins Easement is approximately a quarter-acre of land that crosses three lots off Admirals Lane in Southdown. This conservation area is all wetlands and is maintained in perpetuity as open space. The deed for this easement can be found at the Belknap Registry of Deeds in Book 1289, Page 310.