City of Laconia Conservation Lands

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Hilliard Road

The Hilliard Conservation Land is a small, 3.1-acre property abutting the Paugus Bay State Forest. The Hilliard property was donated to the City in 2020 for the means of conservation. The property is forested and has some poorly drained soils, which could indicate the presence of wetlands.

Bond Beach

Bond Beach Park

Bond Beach Park is located on the same property at the Elm Street School. This 36-acre property protects a large forested area and provides a public beach on Lake Opechee. 

Eager Isl

Eager Island

Eager Island is a 2.4-acre property located in the Winnipesaukee River, south of Avery Dam, and supports a floodplain environment and a variety of wildlife. It also provides important, open-water winter habitat for many species.

Perley Pond2

Perley Pond

The Perley Pond Conservation land is directly off Main Street as you come into downtown Laconia. Perley Pond is a small pond that was conveyed to the city as a natural open space and serves as important habitat for many species, including ducks, red-winged blackbirds, and herons. The property is also home to “The Perley Oak” which is estimated to be 400-years old. 

Pickerel Pond

Pickerel Pond

The Pickerel Pond Conservation Land is the newest acquired conservation property in the city. The two parcels consist of 15-acres of forested land, extensive wetlands, numerous streams (serving as the primary outlet for Pickerel Pond, and also overlays an aquifer. Currently, the property has a small gravel parking lot available for the public to utilize. Future plans for the property include trails and a public access point for kayak and canoe launching. 



The Tardif Conservation Land is 11-acres of extensive wetlands and some wooded land that ultimately drains into Opechee. The conservation area can be viewed from Route 106 as you come into downtown Laconia.