Library Policies for Children

Library Patron Privacy Policy

We respect and protect the privacy of all of our library patrons, and that starts at birth!

201-D:11 Library User Records;  Confidentiality. –

I. Library records which contain the names or other personal identifying information regarding the users of public or other than public libraries shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except as provided in paragraph II. Such records include, but are not limited to, library, information system, and archival records related to the circulation and use of library materials or services, including records of materials that have been viewed or stored in electronic form.

II. Records described in paragraph I may be disclosed to the extent necessary for the proper operation of such libraries and shall be disclosed upon request by or consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena, court order, or where otherwise required by statute.

III. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any library from releasing statistical information and other data regarding the circulation or use of library materials provided, however, that the identity of the users of such library materials shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed to the general public except as provided in paragraph II.

Source. 1989, 184:3, eff. July 21, 1989. 2009, 273:1, eff. July 29, 2009.

Financial Responsibility Policy

As mandated in NH RSA 201-D:11, an individual library cardholder has the right to privacy of information regardless of age. This applies to the juvenile/child library card, while still holding the parent/guardian financially responsible for any lost or damaged materials. In order for a child to get a library card in their own name, the legal guardian, agrees to take financial responsibility for any materials taken out on that child’s card. The card must be presented at each transaction if the child is not present.

A parent whose account is not in good standing may not use the juvenile/ child card in place of their own.

Behavior and Supervision of Minors

We want your child to have a happy, safe experience at the library, and that starts with knowing a parent or caregiver is always there.

Children under 10 years of age may not be left unattended at the library. A child is unattended if he/she is in the library without a parent or responsible party, age 14 or older. This includes children participating in library programming; a parent or other responsible party age 14 or older must remain in the library during the program.

Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of all minor children at all times, even if they are not in the library with the child.  The library staff does not serve in loco parentis.  Minors who do not act in accordance with the Library Behavior Policy, whether attended or unattended, may be asked to leave the library at any time.

The Children and Teen Departments are reserved for use by minors, their parents/guardians when accompanying them, and adults selecting Youth materials to borrow. Adults unaccompanied by children or young adults are not allowed to linger in the Children and Teen areas.

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