Boat Registrations

As of January 1, 2019 boat registrations are now available in the City Clerk's Office!

City Hall Registration

Did you know you can process your boat registration at the same time as you conduct other business at City Hall? It's easy and convenient! Just bring in your photo identification and the State issued renewal notification and we can get the paperwork out of the way so you will be ready to put your boat in the water when the ice melts. No waiting for your registration to get mailed back to you. Get it done early and conveniently at the City Clerk's Office.


Please make checks payable to City of Laconia.


In accordance with RSA 270-E:5, II (c) an additional $5 will be collected for each registration processed as an authorized agent. Please do not make out your check before coming in if you are unsure of the amount. Thank you.