Zoning Maps

The City is hereby divided into the following base districts as shown on the Official Zoning Map which.

City of Laconia Zoning Map 36 x 54 (PDF)
City of Laconia Zoning Map 24 x 36 (PDF)

This data is provided for planning and informational purposes only. The City of Laconia and CAI Technologies are not responsible for any use for other purposes or for the misuse or misrepresentation of this information. Datum is referenced to the NH State Plane Coordinate System (NAD 1983).

Residential Rural (RR1) District

The Residential Rural District shall be designed to accommodate residential uses in what is commonly recognized as being a rural environment. Generally, the property included within this district will not have sewer and water facilities available. Agriculture, open space and other low-intensity uses shall also be permitted. [Amended 10-14-1997 by Ord. No. 10.97.10]

Residential Rural Corridor (RR2) District

The Residential Rural Corridor District is intended to recognize the historic, scenic and agricultural values of the areas associated with Parade, Meredith Center and White Oaks Roads. Further, public health and safety considerations will be enhanced by allocating for on-site sewer and water systems since the majority of these areas are not served by municipal water and sewer. This district is defined as the area extending 400 feet from either side of the center line of the right-of-way of the above-mentioned roadways, excluding those areas in the Commercial Resort District.

Residential Single-Family (RS) District

The Residential Single-Family District shall be designed to establish and maintain attractive areas used solely for single-family residences and closely related supporting facilities such as schools and churches.

Shorefront Residential (SFR) District

The Shorefront Residential District is designed to recognize the unique characteristics of the residential community associated with Lake Winnipesaukee and Weirs Beach.

Residential General (RG) District

The Residential General District is designed to allow a variety of housing types and supporting facilities, including recreational, educational and religious uses, which complement and make more practical medium densities of residential development. This district shall normally be located with relatively easy vehicular and/or pedestrian access to business or commercial areas, and public utilities shall be available prior to the time of zoning.

Residential Apartment (RA) District

The Residential Apartment District is designed primarily to allow moderate- to high-density multifamily developments of varying sizes and types in areas where such advantages as public facilities, utilities, transportation facilities, places of employment and/or commercial facilities are present, coupled with an attractive or particularly convenient site.

Commercial Resort (CR) District

The Commercial Resort District is primarily intended to set aside areas where establishments catering to the dining, lodging and recreational needs of tourists or seasonal residents may be located. Also to be permitted in this district are such commercial residential uses as garden apartments and condominiums. The district shall generally be located adjacent to major tourist routes and attractions. Development will be encouraged which is characterized by open space, attractive landscaping and ample off-street parking areas. It is anticipated that small shops and retail stores may be located within this district as they meet the intent and requirements of this chapter.

Commercial (C) District

This district is intended to provide an area for those commercial or restricted industrial facilities with an attraction and customer service area which goes beyond the immediate neighborhood. Development contemplated within this district shall be required to provide adequate off-street parking areas on lots which relate in size to the contemplated building area. Availability of utilities shall be an important consideration.

Urban Commercial (UC) District

The Urban Commercial District is designed in recognition of the fact that historically commerce and business tended to concentrate in a central area and that over the
years the area has expanded outward from its traditional center along the major roadways. The area also features residential parcels that are transitioning to feature more density or to other uses such as professional offices or personal services. The intent of this district is to permit expansion of existing uses or the redevelopment of parcels to new or different uses. The district will also provide opportunities, incentives and requirements to acknowledge and respect the Winnipesaukee River in the downtown area between Lake Opechee and Lake Winnisquam. The river is a focal point in the city’s history and heritage and should be a critical factor in any redevelopment within the district. The district is defined as outlined on the official Zoning Map. [Added 6-10-2019 by Ordinance 2019-119-14]

Industrial Park (IP) District

The Industrial Park District is intended to encourage development of an industrial park area for industries which have operations primarily within a building, minimal outside storage and abundant off-street parking facilities; such industries shall be located on spacious lots where utilities are available in an attractive setting.

Industrial (I) District

The Industrial District is intended to recognize, where feasible, existing industrially used areas and to permit controlled expansion of these industries; to provide for new transportation-related industrial uses; and to provide for smaller industrial sites in a variety of locations.

Airport Industrial (AI) District

The Airport Industrial District is created to recognize the geographical relationship between the industrial district at the airport in Gilford and land in Laconia adjacent to the Gilford district. The district provides expanded industrial opportunities from Route 11C (Lily Pond Road). The district is defined as that land bounded to the west by the easterly edge of the PSNH power line right-of-way, to the east by the Gilford/Laconia municipal boundary, to the north by the lot boundary between Lot Nos. 80B-79-4 and 80B-244-6, and to the south by the Commercial District associated with Rich's Plaza.