Historic District Commission

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The purpose of the Historic Overlay District is to preserve and promote the historic, cultural, educational, economic, and general welfare of the community by:
  1. Protecting and preserving structures, places, and properties that reflect elements of the cultural, social, economic, and political heritage of the city;
  2. Promoting the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of structures and places of historical, architectural, and community value as well as vistas of significance within the HOD;
  3. Conserving property values in the HOD;
  4. Protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of the HOD;
  5. Promoting the use of the HOD for the education, pleasure, and welfare of the citizens of the city.

Historic District Commission

Organization, Membership, and Procedures
  1. Members of the Commission shall be appointed by the City Council.
  2. The Commission shall consist of five (5) regular members and up to two (2) alternate members. All members shall be residents of the City of Laconia; one (1) shall be a member of the Laconia City Council, and one (1) shall be a member of the Laconia Planning Board. In determining the qualifications of a Commission member, consideration will be placed on his or her demonstrated interest and ability to understand, appreciate and promote the purpose of the District.
  3. The Commission members shall be appointed for staggered three-year terms. Members shall serve without compensation. In the event of a vacancy on the Commission, interim appointments may be made to complete any unexpired term.
  4. The Commission shall annually elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary from among its membership.
  5. The Commission may from time to time adopt and amend, with the approval of the City Council and public input, such rules and regulations as are consistent with the intention of this chapter and of state enabling legislation.
  6. The Commission shall develop and submit an annual report and request for funds to the City Council. ) Subject to appropriations or other income, the Commission may employ clerical and technical assistants or consultants. The Historic District Commission may accept gifts of money or services, or grants, and may hold or expend such gifts or grants for the purposes of this chapter in accordance with the city's ordinances and policies and state RSA's. The Commission shall have an annual budget as appropriated by the City Council and the budget will be managed by the Commission in cooperation with the Planning Department.
  7. The decisions of the Commission shall be by vote of the majority of the Commission members, meaning all votes to approve or deny must be by 3 or more members regardless of the number of members present.

Commission Members

Name Position Term Expires
Mark Haynes Laconia City Council Representative  December, 2023
Charlie St. Clair Laconia Planning Board Representative March, 2024
Karl Reitz Regular Member March, 2023
Vacant Regular Member March, 2023
Vacant Regular Member March, 2025
Vacant Alternate Member March, 2023
Vacant Alternate Member March, 2023

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Historic District Commission Ordinance