Planning Department

The Laconia Planning Department reviews land use, development, and zoning issues in Laconia. The Planning Department is usually the first stop in building or establishing a new business or development in the City. In any case, a telephone call to our office at 603-527-1264 will always prove useful as you begin your project.

Supporting Boards & Committees

The Planning Department provides support for the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), Capital Improvements Committee (CIP), and the Special Events Review Committee (SERC), which now encompasses the former Motorcycle Technical Review Committee (MTRC). Each of these committees provide reviews for larger or more complex residential and commercial projects and may or may not be required for your specific proposal. A quick check with the Planning Department will provide this information.

Submittal Requirements

The Planning Department will provide you with the submittal requirements for each of these committees and will notify you of the date and time of any hearings required.

Comprehensive Planning Services

The Planning Department also provides comprehensive planning services for the City including:

  • Development and implementation of the Master Plan
  • Preparation of land use ordinances and regulations
  • Plan review for site development and subdivision plans, including oversight of the Technical Review Committee (TRC)
  • Technical and administrative support to the Planning Board
  • Site visits and construction monitoring including as-built approval
  • Economic Planning including Capital Improvements Committee (CIP)
  • Transportation planning at the local and regional level
  • Temporary land use approvals for Motorcycle Week and other Special Events
  • Grant writing
  • Assistance to business owners