Automated Trash Collection

The City of Laconia converted to automated curbside trash collection on May 1, 2023. 

The containers are the property of the City and will stay with the property when the owners (or tenants) change.  Each container has a serial number and Public Works has a record of which containers are at each address. 

Single Family Homes

Each single-family home is authorized to have one 95-gallon container for recycling and one 65-gallon container for trash.

Owner Occupied homes:

If all residents in a single-family home on a public road are over 65 years old or disabled, a 95-gallon recycling container may be exchanged for a 65-gallon recycling container by calling Public Works. Additionally, a 65-gallon trash container can be exchanged for a 32-gallon trash container.

Rental property:

If all If all residents in a rental property meet the same conditions as above, the landlord has to request the exchange instead of the tenants

New Homes:

Public Works will provide containers upon request once the home has received its certificate of occupancy, and the owner can secure the containers.

Private Roads 

Property owners of residences on private roads can request containers if they agree to bringing it to a to the public street for collection.

Multi-Unit Residences 

The number of containers provided to apartments/condominium complex are based on the number of authorized units in the complex.  The maximum number of sets a complex can have is four sets.   Owner’s that have added apartments to a property without obtaining the necessary permissions from the City will only receive the containers for the number of units listed in the City’s database.

Duplexes and triplexes on public roads are limited to one 95-gallon recycling container and one 65-gallon trash container per unit. A duplex is authorized two 95-gallon containers for recycling and a total of two 65-gallon containers for trash.   A triplex is authorized three 95-gallon recycling containers and three 65-gallon trash containers.    

Apartments and Condominiums with more than 3 Units on public roads are limited to four 95-gallon recycling containers and a total of four 65-gallon trash containers.     

landlords and residents of apartment buildings do not have the option of selecting a smaller-sized container since they are sharing containers with other residents in the building.


A property with multiple store fronts and apartments is considered a business. 

A property that has a trash dumpster will not receive curbside service. 

These properties are limited to four 65-gallon trash containers and four 95-gallon recycling containers.  

Businesses can request that containers be removed if the property does not need four sets.

Additional containers

As of December 28, 2023 the City Council has not decided to allow residents to have additional containers.  Public Works expects that any program for providing additional containers if approved by the City Council will be fee based.  Residents will have to pay an annual fee for the service.

Disposing of Additional Solid Waste 

Property owners, residents and businesses with additional trash can bring the trash to the transfer station and dispose of it for a fee. Any Laconia resident/business who wants to use the transfer station must have either a dump sticker or a day pass. Dump stickers can be purchased at the City Clerk’s office at City Hall.  Day passes can be purchased at either the transfer station or City Hall.

Property owners, residents and businesses with additional recycling can bring the recycling to the transfer station and dispose of it for free.  You must bring a document that shows you are a resident of the city, own property in the city or operate a business in the City.  Driver’s license, lease agreement, utility bills are acceptable documents.

Bulky Items

Bulky Items are collected at the curb by appointment only.  Metal is collected on the first Wednesday of the month.  Non-metal items are the second and third Wednesday of the month. All items must have a bulky item sticker which is available at the City Clerk's office.  Call Public Works to make an appointment.  All items must be at the curb no later than 6 am on the day of your appointment.

Missing Containers

Public Works will provide the serial numbers for the property’s containers upon request.   Thefts must be reported to the Police Department and to Public Works.

Before reporting it to the police, Public Works recommends that you check the serial numbers for containers in your area as some may have been relocated.