Lakeport TIF District Advisory Board


  • Peter Stewart
  • Peter Brunette
  • Richard Allen
  • Rebecca Gregoire
  • Vacant
  • Planning and Zoning Office Ex-officio
  • Parks and Recreation Director - Ex-officio
The Board consists of 5 members appointed for 3-year terms. All Board members shall own property, reside or own / manage / represent a business/organization within the Lakeport TIF District. A majority of the Board must be Laconia residents.

There are two vacant positions on this Board. Applications are encouraged. Call the City Manager's Office at 603-527-1270 for an application and additional information.

About the Board

The Lakeport TIF Advisory Board was established to advise the City Council on planning, construction and implementation of the development program and maintenance and operation issues within the Lakeport TIF District.